Our Birth Story

I became pregnant with the idea of starting a flower farm in the beginning of my pregnancy with our daughter Lumina. I had been growing food and flowers for years and realized that the flowers were what were thriving the most in my garden and what I felt most drawn to growing and harvesting. My daughter's in utero nickname was 'Hummingbird' so my little micro farm wanted to keep that name to honor our growing girl as well as the incredible Hummingbird pollinators who visit daily. I also have a tendency to hum and sing to the flowers as I'm planting or harvesting them. Hummmmmmmmmm.......  💛💛💛


In typical Gemini fashion, when the idea struck me, I couldn't be stopped. It all seemed so dreamy considering my goals in life of being outside in nature more and of beautifying our community with a vibrant homestead. If I had known at that point how challenging growing flowers is, I might have turned right around!

I'm so glad I didn't because it has led me to a life filled with challenge, satisfaction, joy, and creativity. I'm so inspired by the process of starting seedlings, planting them in the well-tended and amended soil, watching them flourish and thrive, and then handing them over to a human who gets to enjoy their magnificent beauty. 

Lumina's first food: marigold!

My Why

A ceremony we held in the woods above our house to honor the land. Our flowers blessed the altar.

I am a lover of all things nature and one of my biggest reasons for growing flowers is to feed the bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies so that our local community of pollinators can thrive. Going outside and watching the wildlife skitter and flutter about among my flowers, doing exactly what they were born to do, is a highlight of each warm day. And I love that my daughter gets to grow up enveloped in and influenced by these natural rhythms and cycles.


The next generation is relying on our generation to keep their world clean and healthy. That's why I am passionate about stewarding this little piece of property that we live on and doing my best to make good choices in regards to what goes into the soil. My flowers are so clean and healthy that I allowed my tiny baby to nibble on the petals. I would never let her put a store-bought flower in her mouth because they are likely sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Yuck. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it, or at least the small corner that we call home.

I see myself as an activist, playing a part in changing the systems that we all have come to see as normal but that are hurting our planet. I'm involved in change literally from the ground up (pun intended!). Grocery stores and conventional flower shops have beautiful flowers year-round and it’s so tempting to just pick up a bunch every week while shopping but 70% of those flowers have travelled here all the way from Columbia! With global warming threatening every eco-system, we don't have the luxury of importing flowers anymore. Flowers are big business, and just like all other agriculture, we are responsible for how and what we purchase.


There is a better option that is much healthier and more supportive for our world and our community and it’s the way it used to be done for as long as flowers have been commercially sold, up until about 100 years ago when flowers started being shipped across the world. Flowers didn’t travel very far prior to that and folks would buy flowers directly from the farmer who grew them. At that time they were all called 'florists' and they grew AND designed the flowers - I’m all about bringing that trend back into our community.


I am an embodied woman who thrives in the element of sensuality. Did you know that when flowers started traveling far distances, the flower breeders realized that they needed to last longer in the vase so they could make it halfway across the world and still be perky for the customer? They were able to extend the life of blooms significantly but unfortunately the fragrance was sacrificed for most varieties, which is why you hardly find aromatic flowers in supermarkets. That’s super sad. Everyone still loves to poke their nose into a bouquet of flowers to inhale deeply, but what are they smelling? I grow flowers for sensual awakening. I desire for customers to become enthralled and enraptured by my blooms, if even for just a quick blissful moment. I live for these moments.

I'm so intrigued by the nature of flowers and plants. Each flower embodies a certain element or healing quality and I am tending to these essences as I work with the blooms, staying open to the messages they bring. Fragrant herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage, mint, basil, tulsi, lemon balm, and lemon verbena are among the characters who make appearances in my arrangements. I find they add delightful aromas and interesting textures that are tantalizing to behold amidst the richly colored blooms. They also carry energetic qualities that imbue each arrangement with personality and healing properties.

✨ Flowers are Magical ✨