In case you're wondering, Florida Water is NOT water from Florida! It should technically be called Agua de Florida, or water of flowers. It is a highly aromatic infusion of flowers and herbs for use in rituals, cleansings, or personal care.


These botanicals come from the farm and the process involves a ritual in itself to create the magical blends; I pray, sing, dance, chant, drum, rattle, hum, and pray some more over each batch: that's why instead of "handcrafted", I say that these infusions are "prayercrafted"!


Florida Water is used sort of like sage is to cleanse rooms, altar items, or yourself. It's a liquid, so it is either splashed on the hands or body or sprayed out of the mouth using a special misting technique (I am terrible at it!!!).


The ingredients are differnet each time because I use whatever is in season and is calling to be included in the creation. They range from cedar, sage, and lemon balm to roses, honeysuckle, and mimosa and much much more. Other sacred items like crystals, stones, feathers, etc. are added to each blend for the entirety of the infusion. Each batch is totally unique and magical.

Florida Water